Year-end has come in so quickly! if anyone is still struggling to get information on one quick display like:

  • Contract price.
  • Estimated price.
  • Job No and Job Description.
  • Variation Price.
  • Purchase Order amount.
  • PO unused amount.
  • Total materials to date and further drill down and actual supplier get reports.
  • Total labour to date drilling down to employee name OT, DT rates, etc..
  • GP in $$ and in %.
  • Last claim date or last invoice date.
  • Actual payments received on that job and drill down.
  • Balance to claim or balance to invoice.
  • Ability to enter your job costing rate using on cost method 9super, workers comp, payroll tax)without affecting your actual wages in PL.
  • Ability to filter active and completed jobs.
  • PRINT ALL REPORTS to Excel, PDF and automatically attached to email..

Check the NEW MOBILE TIME SHEET video, its fully Reckon Accounts Time sheet but with more advanced features on any mobile device.

Check our demo video at at Download Page
Fullscreen is highly-recommended for watching the Demo.

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