Retirement Village Industry App

The Retirement Village Industry is growing and growing faster then what anticipated.
The business of running this industry is well regulated by each State and Australian Federal Government.

The providers’ of Financial systems have to be audited and such the books need to be kept properly as there are funds issued by the Australian Government to these providers and alongside with the funds of the retirees like their pensions, and even their lifetime capital – their house.

The business now with all the technology available and with advance financial systems coming into the market, needs a good automated system to manage the business of Retirement and Aged Care business.

We, here at Cosmic Innovations, have recently developed an automated App to manage this industry.

Direct Debit Solution: For Retirement Village , Child Care, Gym or Business Requiring Subscription

or check it out directly here: Cosmic  Direct Debit Solution

To download the App please click the link above.

We would like to work together with industry to see if we can further enhance our software for the Retirement and Aged Care Industry Retirement Village Industry App