Do you have 30 or 50 employees at your on-going construction job site?

Do you have problems every week sending timesheet to your office by your over-stressed Job Supervisor?

Every week your Supervisor has to make phone calls to submit employees’ time sheets, and its damn hot and calling from underground level of the building site?

We can fix your problems now!

Our Mobile Time Sheet will handle it.

We will help you manage all those 30 to 50 employees. The supervisor will be able to see all the employees in a drop-down menu in any of his mobile devices.

All he has to do is to enter their timesheet against each name or accept their default hours.

Yes, if they have worked overtime or double time, the app will calculate it for you. It’s all automated.

We will give you a free trial for 30 days or more till you are satisfied.

Check out this link:

check the above link

Give us a call for further information; we will make sure we get your time sheet for employees resolved.

Phone # 02 95411338 or 0407068942  (Sun-Sat 8:30AM-8:00PM)