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Cosmic Mobile app for Reckon Hosted is Completely Free (Android Only )

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Mobile invoice app that you can send invoice to your client instantly

The Most innovated mobile invoice(Android)OFFLINE Add On for Reckon Accounts  is Now ready  The release allows:

To do Invoice by Items managing more than 5000 stock items.To do Invoice by Service Items. Do all your consulting invoices designed for Consultants , Bookkeepers , Tradies etc

Gets posted to Reckon Accounts from your mobile device instantly, waiting time is seconds

Able to send Invoice to your clients from device instantly.

Attach of Invoice as PDF and instantly send the invoice to your customer. Use Email message body to add additional information

Ability to Edit invoice via mobile app.

Set your own Prefix Invoice to distinguish from Reckon entered invoice.

Any new items and customer gets  synced in real time in background minutes into your app

No loss if Reckon is out of action and not able to login, you can do ALL invoices on the road and send it instantly.

New modern looking Invoice template choose your own colour theme AND your business name and address choose your color

Get paid Instantly by using Stripe , just send the invoice to your customer they can  click the payment link

For more information on Cosmic Invoice app see Reckon Add On market

How to connect Stripe to Cosmic Inv App