Are you one of the business persons experiencing this scenario?

You have 50 employees time sheet from one of your job sites and you are on the 3rd floor of a 5-storey building being constructed. The site is not an office, no air con, very noisy, dusty and hot.

The task of sending the time sheet of 50 employees still has to be done and very quickly, as the job has to be managed.

You pick up your phone and start calling or start sending SMS to the office or grab an iPad and send via an excel. Well, it gets the job done, but it’s not automated. You still have to get the information and enter into your Accounting System.

Most site supervisor keeps doing the same process every week.

As the site supervisor, you might be thinking there must be a better and smarter solution around. You love using your smartphone and you got a tablet too.

You know that businesses are getting smarter and there are lots of innovative apps that can fix his and the entire office’s struggle.

Of course, the smart way to find the right solution is search on Google. (Who doesn’t nowadays?)

Then why not try to seek help from Google and search for Cosmic Mobile Time Sheet which can show 50 employees automatically, drop down on your phone.

Plus, all employees have their own predefined templates and names coming from your particular job site.

Try to Google Cosmic Mobile Time Sheet and definitely, this will do what you want.

What happened to the supervisor? LOL. he did… and the rest is history.