Why businesses still love Excel?

Excel, haven’t we all have used this great product since it came out. I remember the days of using DOS-based Spreadsheet, Super calc4 or Lotus 123, and later MS Works.
Well, bang, when Excel came out with windows platform, wow! The whole world fell in love with it.
And till now, we all still use it, we even have an obsessive addiction to excel. We like to create models that we are so much proud of it, it’s an awesome product. Thanks to Microsoft Inc.

But, Excel has always been an aid to our existing financial systems, even though, I know some business has almost trying to use full accounting systems.
As business accounting systems nowadays are already equipped with advanced reports and give us an easy export facility to excel, we still love creating more advanced reports.
The difficulty is excel is difficult to integrate with your existing financial systems like Quick Books, Reckon Accounts, Xero and MYOB. One has always had export, but there are options like external data connections, automating using macros.
Other better options, now are creating a developed application, that uses programming language, which in these days of modern education there are lots of programmers who can create applications for businesses very quickly. It is all fully automated and what we call real time, that is its “talking” to your financial systems at the same time.
Accounting systems like Xero , cloud-based accounting system, has created a new mind shift to lots of businesses, there are many Add-On applications that talks with Xero, all is required almost pressing the right button.
Imagine all these were to be done using excel.

Cosmic Innovations has been passionately involved in creating application to business systems,
We have just created a Timesheet with very powerful note feature, Cosmic innovations is about to release mobile versions of timesheet with the ability to enter bills on the run this will integrate with Reckon Accounts previously called Quickbooks.
Once again, Excel our old love will always be there, the old love will never die, we will still use it and keep on using it, but there must be a time where business must decide the time it takes to keep creating data in excels, it can be time-consuming, creating and saving lots of excel files, takes time to look for a file which may be few years old. In these times, business is always chasing time, finishing in deadlines for the Board reporting, so, why not get an automated developed tool, this will do in one press of a button.

Cosmic Innovations is always ready to listen to you if you have a need for an automated tool, lol what happens to my old love excel!!!