What is IIF?

It means Intuit Interchange Format. It was ingeniously developed by Intuit Inc, USA more than 25 years ago. This is found in File/utility menu. This format tool is very much outdated now and has not been updated, upgraded or modified, since 2002. To what I know,  it’s not been upgraded by Intuit and nor Reckon since 2002.But, this is the only most common form of import and export facility available not costing anyone. others are QODBC and SDK.

The business I stuck with this method trying to extract info out and putting to excel, etc, then trying to manipulate the report in excel. The problem is these are manual processing and I have seen, it never works out in the first attempt, there are so many items do not match properly, do not show, and many more, it’s never one go attempt exercise. I have wasted lots of time using this for many years, also used outside programs like Transaction Pro and we have also Australian based applications, what I found is they all require manual processing.Of course, one needs to be in single user mode to import or export.Another option is using QODBC tool US derived tool, but it again can be lots of work. Some programming knowledge is required. Businesses or rather office staff have to spend lots of time in trying to use these option mentioned.

Well in my previous article, I wrote about Workarounds vs Automation, where if a business requires a task to be processed on daily or weekly or even monthly basis, that is using IIF to import and export, it is much better option to choose automation option.  This will mean these processes are developed into a tool – a program where all is required in most cases pressing the button, and they are real time, the report is instant, and no manual processing required. Cosmic Innovations has automated Time Sheet, WIP, and Contractors report tools for Job Costing, all can be found on the download page.