Time Sheet for Management Consultants, Lawyers and Accountants

If you have been struggling with in keeping track of your time you have spent with your billable client, well Cosmic Time sheet can help you .
You are able to use billing rates using job name and any category to bill your clients.
You are able to create note up to 400 words and save it and recall that same notes and then re modify it and save it.
You are able to link this note to a particular job .
You are able to create a standard notes so that they always comes as a drop down and makes it much easier to choose when its drop down menu.
Cosmic Time Sheet will give you Billable and unbillable reports and with chargeable hours and cost and the name of each consultants.
Cosmic Time sheet will also bill by units .
Lots of other features are available please have a look at our videos on our down load page.