Cosmic Innovations has now First Offline Mobile Invoice App Add On for Reckon Accounts Hosted

Cosmic Innovations has now First Mobile Invoice App Add On for Reckon Accounts Hosted with Offline Technology


Mobile invoice app that you can send invoice to your client instantly
The Most innovated mobile invoice(Android) Add On for Reckon Accounts  is Now ready  The release allows:

  • To do Invoice by Items managing more than 5000 stock items.

  • To do Invoice by Service Items.

  • Gets posted to Reckon Accounts from your mobile device instantly, waiting time is seconds

  • Able to send Invoice to your clients from device instantly.

  • Automatic attachment of Invoice as PDF and instantly send the invoice to your customer.

  • Ability to Edit invoice via mobile app.

  • Set your own Prefix Invoice to distinguish from Reckon entered invoice.

  • Any new items and customer created will sync in every 30 minutes into your app

  • No loss if Reckon is out of action and not able to login, you can do ALL invoices on the road and send it instantly.

  • New modern looking Invoice template choose your own color theme.
  • Ability to Edit email body now.

How to implement Cosmic Mobile Invoice for Android:

Once down load is done from Google play store, Cosmic Innovations will fully implement it for you , all you do is start to enjoy invoicing.

We require following information:

  • Email ID and your own generated password(not real password) limit to 10 characters.

  • Reckon Credentials : Reckon Accounts Hosted user id : like 0024164-6
    and Password.

  • Reckon Data file Username: by default, it must be Admin and its password.

  • The data file name : xyzptyltd.QBW

  • We need exact file path and a exact screen shot of the file path is essential, if the file is shared it will have some thing like  this: //…………../xyzptyltd.QBW
    If we find the file path is not correct we will seek your permission via Team Viewer to access your file path. We can only get in when you give us the TV pass word.

  •  We may need your letterhead to set your business address, ABN, Bank info and logo to upload your invoice template.

ONCE done we will message you to start invoicing.


Below is our new Modern looking Invoice templates , you can choose your own color theme

Invoice Template Cosmic inv templateCosmicinv template

We like to invite all enthusiastic participants foward me your interest by email.
We will send you login info .

All successful testers will be properly rewarded with free use of our app for next 6 months for up to 8 users for their business.

For more information on Cosmic Invoice app see Reckon Add On market


Mobile Invoice App Add On for Reckon Hosted Guideline Video

Cosmic Invoice App Add On for Reckon Hosted

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