Written by Chandra

Times have been getting hard there for many businesses, and makes it harder, in building industry, in regards to getting a low priced financial software to be able to specialist reporting needed by the Construction owners.

There are many great Construction software in the market, will do nearly everything required by the business owner. However, for a small to medium-sized business, to buy these systems can be very expensive, and not within their budget. Small to medium business can look at another option, the software package is Intuits Quick Books Enterprise for small to medium and even large companies.

Intuits Quick Books Enterprise has a great feature of Job Costing for Builders and Construction Businesses. It has got features like creating an Estimate or Quotation with each cost centers, putting a mark up by dollars or % and achieving the Contract price, the Quotation format can be customised to look like a letterhead or like a professional quotation.

  • We are able to create a job linking to the customer.
  • Can create sub-jobs and variations.
  • All these jobs are linked to the income and cost as we do invoice and record payments.
  • Great Purchase Order ability to link each item of cost to any job.
  • It has got a Class or Division category, we can assign to what  division or type of business.
  • All labor is able to cost to jobs, ability to use timesheet to enter hours.

In addition to all these, when one wants to look at advance job costing reporting, there is an advanced reporting tool which can be run alongside.

This is a great tool for builders and construction business who needs to see their job costing reports This gives in one display report : job number, job description, customer, Estimate cost, estimate with markup, total contract price, last invoice to date, Purchase order raised, items left to be used, bills charged, labour cost and many more.

This Job costing tool is must for every builder or construction owners, it is budgeted priced and can be obtained from our Download page and video gallery.

Once again, Intuits Quickbooks is one of the best, within the budget software for builders, construction, businesses.